The purpose of this system is to visually check the existence of a Logo in a printed area. The operator will select the necessary system parameters, based on which the test will be performed.

Understanding the Essence: Automated Logo Verification System

In the realm of visual inspection, lies the essence of a sophisticated system designed to recognize the presence of a logo within a printed space of 2200x1100 (mm).

As the product passes beneath the machine, triggers the basler GMAX2518 sensor for vision inspection. While the inspection takes place it portrays the results into the screen. 

During receiving the results, the system sends a signal and activating the siren to alert the operator of any detected faults. Giving the operator a heads-up about any issues to address. It's all about making the detection process easy and efficient for everyone involved!

Easy to use GUI

With the image and general settings shown in the main window. We also add some preset recipes for different logos to make things easier and even more user friendly.