ULX-MV-629 visual inspection system is a fully integrated solution, for plastic/glass bottle production lines. A total number of 5 control points is being applied and fully covers any problem and defection that applications like this use to have.


Visual Inspection

In Ultrand all of the automation materials are very carefully chosen from some of the most well-known leading companies, such as Siemens, ADLink, Datalogic, Basler, Weidmuller, Schneider Electric among others. This is our way to offer the most reliable and stable systems and ensure that our clients will get the best experience.

CAP inspection

CAP inspection

The cap inspection that ULX-MV-629 performs is capable of 360° and has an outstanding performance over a 4-point inspection.

  • Total height from the bottom of sealing ring to the top of the cap.
  • Seal and tight closing inspection
  • Loose or twisted cap
  • Presence/Absence of cap
LEVEL inspection

LEVEL inspection

The level inspection consists of 2-point inspection.

  • Presence/Absence of liquid
  • Overfilled/Underfilled bottle
LABEL inspection

LABEL inspection

Label inspection that is performed from ULX-MV-629 is a 3-point inspection.

  • Presence/Absence of label
  • Label's height placement
  • Label misalignment
OCR inspection

OCR inspection

OCR inspection is being applied on both EXP date and LOT number, in order to provide extra safety and reliability to the factory.

Unified and user friendly GUI

With all the images and general settings shown in the main window, it's easy for the operator to change between them and maximize the window in order to get a closer look. We also add some preset recipes for different sizes of bottles to make things easier and even more user friendly.


The system is fully configurable by the HMI screen. Several settings can be controlled such as independent inspections on/off, selection of different product recipes, triggers, rejects and statistics. The user-friendly orientation between software screens/layouts and the effective visualization of every process provide to the user the required experience.


Increase the productivity and confidence of your factory, and also maximize your profit with ULX-MV-629 placement. While having more than 99% accuracy in rejections, and with a max control number of 36.000 bottles per hour you can be sure of the capabilities of this machine, and drastically decrease the payback time.


  • IP 65
  • Up to 36.000 Bottles/Hour
  • Stainless Steel
  • Intel core i7 CPU
  • 21" Touch screen Display
  • 7.5" Siemens HMI
  • UPS
  • Adjustable height to fit 4 different bottle sizes
  • High resolution industrial cameras Gige
  • Greek and English interface
  • Long life industrial LED strobe lightning
  • Electrical panel LED lighting
  • Remote access for technical support

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